Elements of Style Goes to Paris!


(these pictures by Jen Gotch are exactly what I hope and dream Paris is really like)

I watched Vicky Christina Barcelona last night (fabulous- a must see) and felt a pull towards Europe. Good thing Andrew and I have decided to go to Paris for my first visit this summer for my 30th birthday (30? Really? WOW…) I had originally said I wanted this, but in an effort to comply with my new years resolution to spend money on experiences rather than things, I changed my mind. The watch will always be there- Paris without children will not be…
So I have been perusing Tablet Hotels’ website (my favorite) looking for fabulous boutique hotels and marveling at the variety of design styles. Here are some favorites-

Hotel Keppler

Hotel Therese

LUMEN Paris Louvre

Hotel Montalembert

Hotel le A

Hotel de la Tremoille

Hotel Costes K.

Hospes Lancaster

Any recommendations from readers who have special and much loved places to stay, eat or see in Paris would be very welcome!

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