Elephants. And some Rob.


I have a thing for elephants. I really would like one (along with a seal, miniature horse, penguin and apparently an excellent head doctor).  Having read Water for Elephants (and Modoc, which I daresay is better and apparently true-read it) I am planning to go see the movie this weekend. What’s that? Robert Pattinson looking his best? Oh yes, I must have forgotten about that… :)

Can you even stand this cuteness???

I seem to be drawn to things for home and self that have an elephant theme without decking myself and my living room in Disney prints. I also like that in Hindu and Buddhist culture the elephant god Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.  Who doesn’t need a little help removing obstacles from their path?

In celebration of the movie release here are some of my favorite elephant items in fashion and home decor:

Pillows for you and baby:

Jonathan Adler’s elephant salt & pepper shakers and Two’s Company’s ceramic side table (LOVE. NEED.)

A great key ring from Barney’s and a sweet little necklace from Lilpetite on Etsy.

An elephant bracelet and jeweled cocktail ring.

A Duralee ikat featuring an elephant and a wrap bracelet with a little charm!

A sweet bib handmade with some great elephants in print and sleek book ends from Barney’s.

And and this.



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