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In full disclosure I did not most of the actual awards (my book is too interesting and I was exhausted from painting all day) BUT of course I tuned in for the red carpet. I consider it a “work requirement” which is how I argue it to Andrew who would rather watch football, obviously.  My first comment is- where were all the STARS? I felt like I was waiting for the big guns to show up and then it as over?! Secondly, the Emmy for worst writing for an awards show goes to… the 2012 Emmy’s! It was awkward and so many jokes fell flat I actually felt bad for the actors who had to read those horrible lines! And third– YEEEEEEAAHHHH HOMELAND!!!!! :)

Ok, onto the real important stuff. There was a mix of good and so-so looks and only a couple truly bad. But overall nothing that knocked my socks off nor made me writhe on the carpet in pain.

And I am DELIGHTED to name on of the funniest women ever as best dressed- Tina Fey totally killed it and looked absolutely INCREDIBLE in this Vivienne Westwood- everything was perfect- hair, makeup, subtle jewelry (you don;t compete with that neckline, folks) and look at this figure!

Yellow was clearly the color of the night (for winners, at least). I LOOOOOVED Julie Bowen’s dress but her hair looked like a rats nest. And she said “nipple covers” not once but THRICE in her acceptance speech. Someone’s regretting that this morning. Claire Danes and her teeny tiny belly probably would have been better suited in a form fitting dress, but she looked comfortable and glowing in her drapey yellow Lanvin.

Funny lady Leslie Mann was one of my best dressed in her Naeem Khan dress and turquoise accents. LOVE this unique look and she clearly loves the fact that it has pockets as much as I do! Julianne Moore’s dress was so great in it’s color and silhouette- just wish she had worn a great statement necklace or earrings in a contrasting color.

It was a Betty vs. Megan showdown and with life imitating art, Megan wins. Handily. Jessica Parre looked like old school Hollywood glamour and that red lipstick is so perfect on her.  January Jones’ hair and makeup looked way too severe and while I don’t mind parts of her dress- the overall look was a miss for me.

Two ladies brought the bling- Kerry Washington and (of course) Sofia Vergara. The former I love- the color is fantastic on her, the style and classic and glamorous.  The latter I don’t love- it feels very “prom” to me but it’s HER and she has such confidence and zest for life and her job that you can’t really hate on it too hard. She’d be knock down gorgeous in a garbage bag. Andrew, of course, loved it. :)

Two quirky brunettes who looked beautiful- Zooey Deschanel and Ginnifer Goodwin.  Zooey’s dress was totally princessy but in a funky way with it’s laser cut hem- AND it fit like a glove and gave good cleavage (keep reading to see BAD cleavage!).  Ginnifer’s Monique Lhuillier dress looked vintage, which is perfect for her slightly edgy style.  It was one of the most unique of the night (in a good way!)

Some old school favorite who prove that you can look better and better the older you get! Edie Falco cuts a mean silhouette in her two tone cut out gown and Julie Louise-Dreyfuss nabs a win in the color of the season- burgundy (or “wine” or “oxblood”, whatever your favorite name for it is).

Oh Girls. Oh Lena Dunham. I love her new pixie haircut- such a great look on her, and her makeup looks fantastic. But that DRESS. GAH. I think I wore that to a piano recital when I was 8. Not a flattering cut on her at all.  On the other hand, Alison Willams looks stunning in emerald green.

Chiffon dresses done demure and daring.  Heidi’s dress color is gorgeous on her, but I am so over these “slit to my belly button” gowns. All I can think about is Angelina’s leg at the Oscars. Enough already.  Emily VanCamp’s dress would be fantastic… in a another color.  This color is so hard to pull off, like almost impossible, without looking washed out.

Speaking of bad color… who is Kristen Wiig’s stylist and why has she not been fired yet? She keeps putting her in blah nude colors and they don’t work on her at all! This dress is shapeless, an odd length and just ick.  Plus it looked like she forgot to wash her hair for the occasion.  Still love her to death.

The boob crew. Kat Dennings and (of course) Christina Hendricks. Kat’s dress looked like it was about 5 sizes too small up top and if she stood up straight we would have had to cut to commercial. When you’re playing with a pair like that go ahead and show them off, but in a way that doesn’t look like you’re TRYING so hard.  Like Christina- she’s gotta play them up (there’s no hiding ’em nor a reason to) and she does so in a very “Marilyn” way- ladylike and fitted properly. Again, not a fan of this color, but the dress fits her well and she looks so glamorous.

The best thing on the red carpet- BLOSSOM! BLOSSOM WAS AT THE EMMY’S! I can’t believe this is the look I used to try to copy when dressing as a kid.

What did you think? Your favorite? Least favorite?


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