Emmy Red Carpet Review


I didn’t watch the Emmy’s but I was so pleased with the red carpet looks this morning! They seemed classic, streamlined and in good taste for the most part! Here are some favorites, and some that I wish had used another stylist.

My two top dresses were on Sofia Vergara and Christine Baranski! Sofia is just sex in heels, and this coral gown shows off her curves in such an amazing and classy way. And those EARRINGS! As for the fab Ms. Baranski, she looks absolutely fierce at 59 (!!!)- better than some of her much younger counterparts! Love the cut, the color and the accessories!

Red was THE color of the night and Nina Dobrev and Kate Winslet rocked is so well in very form fitting gowns. No pre-Emmy cheeseburgers for them, I assume.

Dexter ladies Jennifer Carpenter and Julia Stiles went light and looked lovely…Jennifer looks the best she has in a long time (do I spy some post divorce new boobs?)

I love the look of nude with sparkles and I LOVE these two ladies. Maria Bello’s one shoulder look is so chic yet fun and Kat Deely accessorizes her gown with such a mega-watt smile- it makes her look so radiant! Best accessory of the night!

Bold color looked great on the Modern Family daughter (?) and Katie Holmes, who rocked a hairdo similar to my “third day hair” look. Love me a good messy bun!

I mean, really? These two are so perfect it’s sickening! You can practically hear the sparkling of their teeth and happiness. Lovely.

Gwyneth’s embroidered belly-baring look was polarizing, but I happen to like it! Hey, she works hard for those abs, and it is such a different look, why not?

I typically don’t like what these two ladies choose, but last night they both looked stunning!! Especially Kelly, what a shock!

Plunging necklines looked great on Julie Bowen and Kristen Wiig. I mean, Kristen could wear anything and I would bow down to her comedic genius (Bridesmaids on DVD tomorrow!!!!!) Not in love with the shoulders of her gown, the the color is amazing- if it was cut a little more like Julie’s it would have been perfect!

The Glee girls were a miss for me in overwhelming shoulder pads (I will never, ever be on board with this trend) and a ruffled mess. I am of the school of thought that if you are young you should dress youthful! These girls look like they are trying way too hard (and look uncomfortable).

The were two pink looks that fell flat for me big time.  Gemma Mays has such a frothy and sweet personality on Glee, but that doesn’t mean she should have a dress that is too.  And Julianne Hough’s black band is so distracting and out fo balance (and I hope this is a bad pic and she isn’t messing with her beautiful young face with needles and peels!)

And Heidi Klum looking a bit silly in that skirt.  I love the color and length on her, but they needed to tone down those ruffles by at least half!

If I was invited to the Emmy’s in a fantasy dream illusion, I ring up Naeem Khan for this gown which I was obsessed with on the Spring 2012 runway.  It’s so unique. I’d need one hell of a spray tan and some killer earrings and bangles to get the look right though!

But if I was HONESTLY invited, I’d have to Rent the Runway baby- either of these gowns (Helmut Lang or Alberta Ferretti) would suit me juuuuuust fine. I love their customer service and the dresses always arrive looking brand new!

Red carpet images via Popsugar.

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