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Admittedly, I did not watch the Emmy’s. I had more fun plans last night. However, you know this morning I jumped right online to check out who wore what.  Seems like it was an underwhelming red carpet, but I of course have to chime in with my thoughts on this chilly Monday morning!  So here we go, the Elements of Style Superlative Awards for the 2009 Emmys:

Most Likely To Make Me Blindingly Jealous of Her Best Accessory: Jennifer Westfeldt
I don’t even notice her dress. Or her. Just Don Draper. Hello.

Most Likely to Be Beamed Up Off the Red Carpet: January Jones
One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in my opinion, and she wears this Star Trek looking number?? Reason # 101 that I think I could easily be a Hollywood stylist….

Most Likely To Have Been the Work of Rachel Zoe: Debra Messing
Classy, colorful and fits amazing. I adore this. I die.

Most Likely To Try REALLY HARD to Look Like Natalie Portman: Ginnifer Goodwin
The pixie hair, the color of Natalie’s last big red carpet dress….hmmmm. I hate the fit of this dress, it’s so unflattering. But I do love her.

Most Likely To Win My Heart Even Though She’s Wearing A Sheer Stomach Panel: Christina Applegate
Really not loving the zebra sheer panel on this, but the neckline is stunning. And she cracks me up, on top of being a classy, amazing woman. So I forgive her fashion trespasses.

Most Likely To Have Been Good in Theory and Kinda Blah on the Red Carpet: Rose Byrne
She looks so young and so washed out in this dress (which is independently, a beautiful number). I think an Eva Mendes type skin tone would look best in this pale flesh color.

Most Likely To Make the 8th Month of Pregnancy Look Chic and Amazing: Heidi Klum
Not. fair.

Most Likely To Be On Trend: Chloe Sevigny
This one might strike up a debate. I love it. The polka dots are so on trend and the lines of it are amazing (not to mention the brooch). Since seeing her oft blogged about entryway, I have a new appreciation for her style so I allowed my mind to open on this one.

Most Likely To Fit Impeccably: Sandra Oh
Simple and stunning, this is how you do “nude” right. One of the best dressed of the night.

Most Likely To Make My Eyes Bleed: Melora Hardin
Reason # 102 of why I could be a Hollywood stylist. She likely paid someone to pick this out for her and it’s one part Beauty and the Beast and one part sale rack in the Lord & Taylor evening department.

Most Likely To Join the Icecapades: Olivia Wilde
No. No. No. No.

Most Likely To Be the Reason Our Husbands Don’t Mind Watching the Red Carpet: Blake Lively
She definitely is working from the J. Lo playbook, but pretty much rocks the carpet. Except for the braid. The braid is way too Lara Croft/Tomb Raider.

Most Likely to Be A Hot Mama (Even With that Bow): Mary Louise Parker
The bow is a bit big, but I just think she is so confident and sassy that she can wear it well.

Most Likely to Be My New Favorite Wedding Dress: Perrey Reeves
First off, how cool is her name? Secondly this is my favorite dress of the night. AMAZING. I love the cut, the beading, the little cap sleeves. If I were to have another wedding, I’d wear this with a white peony tucked into a low bun and call it a DAY.

Most Likely to Sneak Outta Left Field and Kill It: Guiliana Rancic
I hate to admit it (since I find her so annoying) but she always looks good on the red carpet. But this dress is flawless.

Most Likely To Be Going to the Junior Prom: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Too sweet for my taste.

Most Likely To Have Mixed Runway and Reality Well: Lindsay Price
My second favorite dress of the night- the draping, the colors, the one shoulder with the brooch.  Very funky but yet flattering and fabulous.

Most Likely To Be Hallucinating: Drew Barrymore
Too nude for me. And she always comes off like she’s pre-gamed a little too hard.

Most Likely To Be Random Sparkly Goodness:Anna Torv
The color and the cut are so, so lovely!
Most Likely To Look WAAAAAAY Older Than She Is: Leighton Meister
This makeup job makes her look old! And the dress is frumpy, in my opinion. A big no.
Most Likely To Make Me Laugh and Jealous of Her Dress: Julia Louise Dreyfuss
She’s always a sly one, making you laugh with her amazing comic timing and them shocking you with her killer body and classy gowns on the red carpet! The peacock blue is delicious.

Most Likely To Be On the Fence: Toni Colette
I’m so undecided on this one. Love the pink, love the shape and texture of the dress- but not sure if I like them together!

Most Likely To Need to GIVE IT A REST: Kim Kardashian
You have a J. Lo booty. We get it. Stop posing like that. Uggggghhhhh.

Most Likely To Be the “Best Draped”: Jaimee Lynn Sigler
Like liquid gold. Quite stunning!

Most Likely To Judge You: Kara DeGuardia
I love this look- the unique dress, makeup and hair all work really well. I vote yes.

Most Likely To Want To Pick Her Up and Put Her in Your Pocket: Kristin Chenoweth
So tiny yet so fierce! Love this sassy little sparkly number-it so suits her personality!

Your thoughts?

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