Enough About me- Let’s Talk Oscars!


I usually only do fashion commentary on Fridays, but I always break the rules for awards show fashion recaps! I parked myself on the couch with some wine and a pizza and indulged in the glamour (while the hubby asked “Are you going to talk to the TV all night?” as I audibly commented on each outfit). So here we go, Elements of Style’s Oscar Fashion Rundown!

Let’s start with the big comparison of the night- Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. No words are needed here to illustrate my thoughts (in Disney terms):

‘Nuff said. Good trumps evil any day, darling, even on the red carpet.

Now, for the best of the rest, including my personal favorite of the night Natalie Portman. I absolutely LOVED everything about her look. I gasped when I saw her and yelled “She nailed it!!!” (to no one). Well, she did nail it and pretty much embodied the definition of “glowing”. The color, the hair, the accessories and that DRESS- ethereal yet playful and sexy.

A big trend of the night was shimmery metallics- like Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway and Leslie Mann. I loved all of these dresses!

My second favorite look was on Marisa Tomei- the fit of that dress was flawless and the origami like folds made it so unique. Here hair looked loose and lovely and her vintage bracelet was amazing! A similar gown following the big cream/light color trend of the night was on Taraji P. Henson- I thought she looked amazing, especially with that great chunky necklace!!
Evan Rachel Woods’ dress was stunning, but her hair was way too severe!

Another dress that fell into the bold color category that I liked was on Alicia Keys- loved her statement earrings and jeweled clutch- simple but gorgeous.
As for Amy Adams- I loved the necklace, hair and idea behind the look but disliked the black trim on the top of the dress.
Freida Pinto glowed in bright blue and the asymmetrical neckline was lovely, but the lace sleeve left me feeling a bit cold and stuck in the 80’s.

Sadly, I love these ladies but did not like their looks tonight.
SJP’s was just too everything and Heidi’s was unflattering and severe. But she and Seal are just the cutest couple in the world, no?
Kate’s I liked, but did not LOVE. She’s looked much better on other red carpets.

I make no qualms about my intense dislike of Beyonce. And this dress (and pose) sum it up for me…enough already!
Jessica Biel really missed the boat in my opinion- that big, floppy bow was so unflattering as was the silhouette of the skirt and the black pumps she had on underneath. The ratty hair did her no favors either. But she does go home to Justin Timberlake every night….
And speaking of big, floppy bows- holy Amanda Seyfried! With all the dresses to pick, why this dated looking number??

My favorite accessory of the night was Mickey Rourke’s necklace with his prized chihuahua’s photo in it (she passed away a few days ago). He made some very sweet comments about how his favorite puppy lived long enough to know that he’d be okay from here on out on his own. So bittersweet!!!

Overall, I though the show itself was self indulgent and boring (I fell asleep and missed the big awards) but it’s the red carpet that counts most, right? :)

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