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I’m super psyched to announce that on Monday February 11 (as in, NEXT MONDAY) Andrew and I will be the speakers at Boston Design Salon at 6:30 at the lovely Twelve Chairs shop on A Street in South Boston.  A first for us, and for Design Salon (who have never had a dude speak before- go Andy!)  There are a lot of business people and entrepreneurs who read this blog and are members of Design Salon that want to know more about selling, and what Andrew and I offer is a “he said/ she said” approach to the art of selling.  You see, I am super timid about selling and being sold to.  I get annoyed by pushy sales people and do everything (probably to a fault) to try to NOT to be a pushy seller to my clients (even when I KNOW something I have picked would be beyond perfect for their space).  Andrew, on the other hand, loves working a trade show, any retail opportunity and thinks cold calls are “a fun challenge” (I’d rather go get a root canal).  I have the challenge of selling myself as a brand (including monetizing my blog and developing partnerships), while Andrew has the challenge of selling to others and managing those relationships. Together I think we have a good amount of experience that might offer some tips to others.

It’s bound to be an off the cuff, fun, open discussion about selling and being in business.  I really hope some of you will come and join the party!  I’d love to meet more of you and hope that we could help out in any way we can! Plus I can guarantee there will be a boatload of this on my part behind Andrew’s back:


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