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I am so super psyched to announce my curated boutique launching on October 19th on Rue La La Boston!  I had the task of picking a few of my personal favorite stores and spots in Boston to offer up to you at a ridiculously good deal….and they are (drumroll please)…. OmWarrior Yoga, Lekker Home and Diane Von Furstenberg!  Each day leading up to the launch of the boutique I’ll be doing a dedicated post to each vendor giving an inside peek at each and why I love them so much!

First up, hitting the mat with Marc McDonald’s OmWarrior Yoga! Yoga is such a great way to work out, calm down and expand your life.  Marc’s ability to lead you through a class without making you feel you need to only eat granola and listen to wind chimes is the best (in fact, I’ve done yoga with him to hip hop).

The studio

I asked Marc to whip up a quick sequence to release hip tension and relieve low back stiffness from sitting at a desk all day (reading my blog, I assume). :) Give it a try and see how you feel, then look for the great discounted class package available on Rue later this week!

Before beginning this practice, allow a few minutes to find your breath. By find, I mean bring awareness to and a real sense of control and mindfulness. To practice without mindful breathing is almost useless. You would never expect a kite to fly indoors without wind, nor should you expect your body to move without breath. Take a minute or two, allow deeper, more even inhales and exhales. Let this be the foundation. Try to hold each pose for about 1 minute.

Lying on your back with both legs extended bring your right thigh back to your chest holding the back of the thigh or front of the shin. Keep the opposite leg extended and active. Using a towel or strap around the right foot, extend the leg. Try to keep the hips grounded as you work the right leg back toward the body. If this is comfortable, draw the right leg closer to the body and flex the ankle (pulling the toes back and pressing the heel up). Make sure the intensity level is manageable, you should be able to keep your face soft and breath even.

From the last pose, use the left arm to draw the right leg to the left, crossing the body. With the hips stacked, reach the right arm away from the leg and work to flatten the upper back. For less intensity, rest the leg on a block or pillow and release the strap a bit. For greater intensity, bring the leg to the floor and hold the foot closer to the body with the ankle flexed.

From the last pose, bend the right knee placing the left hand on the thigh for support. Keeping the hips stacked, allow the body to soften as you breathe. If this feels too deep, place a block or pillow under the bent knee to soften the twist. For a deeper twist, bring the knee to the floor while reaching away with the right arm, dropping the shoulder to the floor.

From the last pose, bring the right knee back up as you roll onto your back. Holding the thigh into the chest, bend the left knee, resting the foot flat on the floor. Place the right ankle against the top of the left thigh at the knee. Reach your left arm outside the left thigh and your right inside. Interlace your fingers around the back of the left thigh or shin and draw the right shin and left thigh toward your chest using your arms. Try to keep the hips grounded by tilting the tailbone down as you draw the thigh back.

Release the left foot to the floor keeping the knee bent and release the right leg to the floor fully extended. Practice on the left side.

Finish with the both feet resting flat on the floor with the knees bent. Bring the soles of the feet together as the knees drop apart. If this is too deep, use a block or pillow under each thigh. Find a comfortable place where sensation is noticeable but not overwhelming. Rest your arms by your sides or reach them behind your head to lengthen your sides and breathe into the ribs. Let the body settle here for about a minute or two. Use your arms under your thighs to assist the legs back in. Hold the thighs to the chest and gently rock forward and back.

Roll up to seated and get on with your day!


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