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Brimfield was HOT. Really, really HOT.  Sarah and I were dying after an hour, re-hydrating and re-applying sunscreen  like we were in the Sahara, so the fact that we spent almost 6 hours there was miraculous. But it also meant that we missed quite a bit of the show.  We did our best to capture some of the goodies available (there were some amazing finds this year) but something happened this year that I’ve never had happen before.  Lots of vendors yelled at us for taking pictures! It was so strange, we’d find a great vignette to shoot and then hear a bellowing “NO PICTURES!!!”.  We finally asked why and got some story about thieves scoping booths out with pictures, and I wanted to be like “Do we look like thieves? Does Sarah’s humungous professional camera look like something we’re using to prepare to steal your wood printing blocks???” It made us a little shutter shy, so we didn’t get as many shots I had had wished! Bummer.

Brimfield is generally greatly overpriced now, but there were still some serious deals. I got a pair of vintage cane back chairs for my office for $25 each that are in great condition and two cool vintage necklaces for $4 each (those pics coming tomorrow!) Here are my shots, I will post Sarah’s tomorrow!

A great vignette worthy of the Ralph Lauren visual merchandising team’s attention!


Amazing stone Buddha’s and screens




A fab vintage sunglasses/ eyeglass booth


Bold and vintage!


Two very different yet amazing collections


A vintage telescope and cheese dome worthy of Marie Antoinette!


A gorgeous Chinoiserie tray table and pair of doors I would love to see painted and on the front of an old South End townhouse! :)


Buoys. That is all.


A Mad Men worthy dress that would be adorable for a low key wedding. We saw a J.Crew model trying on stuff in this booth. only I would recognize a J.Crew model. At right, a sweet elephant side table- but I hated the color.


If I had a ton of money I would have bought these for my dad- one for our farm, and one for our to-be-built beach house!


Amazing mirror.


Loved these leather benches. Very camp-chic!


More FOO DOGS! And I loved the font on this old sign.


I have a CRAZY beginning to my week so I apologize for the brief postings….I’ll do my best!


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