Escapism, Mexico Style


It’s been a gloomy, damp week here in Boston and I am FED UP, I tell you. Every February/March I go on a “why the hell do I CHOOSE to live here??” tirade (super fun for Andrew to listen to annually) and imagine life in sunnier, warmer climates. Alas, I am a New Englander born and bred and this comes with the territory- we bitch and moan but never, ever leave. As Linda Richmond would say “discuss”

If only the economy wasn’t in the crapper I might be able to take a short break from all this doom and gloom and run off to one of my top “places I want to go”,Las Ventanas al Paraiso.
I’ve been drooling over this place for years- the whitewashed exteriors, thatched roofs, clustered tin star chandeliers… *le sigh*

Even the tablecloths are mexican chic- recognize them ? Domino would approve, may she rest in peace…

The pictures below kind of make me want to kill myself.

Love the headboard (same shape as this Adler number, no?) and the simple, antiqued, authentic look of the rooms.

The blue and white vase reminds me of M. Weinrib’s Amagansett pattern…

They even set up doggy cabanas next to your lounger by the pool- and offer doggy spa services (that guy must be like “Really? Is this my job?”) Baxter and Ollie would be in heaven (and so would their mommy, as she sips fine tequila in the sun…)

Calgon, take me away….

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