Extreme Real Estate: Boston vs. New York


So we all know that New York and Boston have a long-standing rivalry, mostly surrounding sports of course (Go Pats! Go Sox!).  But as someone who has lived in both cities, I think you are either a die hard New York person, or a die hard Boston person. I fall into the latter camp.  I found living in New York to be anxiety-producing and claustrophobic- but I don’t mind a visit now and then for work or to see friends, of course! But I know people who find Boston way too small.  Regardless, both cities have awesome (and absurdly priced) real estate.  I peruse real estate listings like most people watch Good Housewives, as pure, fun, squeal inducing entertainment.  And this week I found two really cool properties and wonder, which would you choose (if you had 4-6 million to spend, of course). Let’s get dreaming…

This has to be one of the coolest listings in Manhattan– it’s basically clapboard cottages on the roof of a brick building on 13th and 3rd.  It’s not only incredibly unique, but also drop dead gorgeous inside and with tons of outdoor space (for New York).

DIIIIEEEEE over this brick work.


I’d switch out the hood I think, and put in a BANANAS chandelier over the dining table, but yeah, this will work…


Just amazing.



A good built in will slay me every time.


This looks sparse, but pretty peaceful (for New York).


An outdoor fireplace? Sign me up.


Look at all this outdoor space! Crazy!


They could have staged this a bit better (for 4.4 million, I mean, come on) but you get the idea.


Turning to Boston, this property which is under development (so these are renderings), is in charming Beacon Hill on tony Mount Vernon Street.  For a cool $5.6 million this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom could be yours… (ha ha ha ha). There are 24 windows in each unit- just look at this light (and those chevron wood floors!)



I’m not a huge fan of this kitchen, a smidge too modern for me, but I do like the peek out onto the deck!


This bedroom looks like a little bit of heaven. Truly. I think this might be what heaven looks like.


I would be totally fine unwinding in a bath here at the end of the day.


The lovely entry.


The exterior of the historic building.


So in a dream world, which would you take?

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