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I am 100% in fall festive mode, you guys. The perfect October weather, pumpkin flavored everything and coziness at home with fires and good food all make me so deliriously happy.  I used to be a summer girl “in my youth” but now I am a full-fledged fall addict.  Perhaps it’s because we all go into nesting mode and home become so much more important as we spend more hours inside it.  I am so happy to have shot my house for the book last week, because now I can just enjoy it instead of seeing every inch as a “to do” project.

Here are some of what’s on my “fall decor” radar:


Topiaries– The perfect long lasting floral alternative- put a matching pair on a console or bar or a grouping in the center of a dining table.

Gorgeous, simple china– I saw this Wedgewood Intaglio china the other day when scouting for something to use on my table for the shoot. I so wish this was my china! The crisp white simplicity is mixed with fab detail work (including my favorite Greek Key!) If I were going to register for china now it would be this. Or this for something more fancy. In fact, I’d love them mixed!

Striped Taper Candles This just takes my stripe addiction on step further.

Copper Kettle– I bought one for the shoot last week and I cannot bring myself to return it. It just looks TOO good on my stove!

Feather Art– Loving these amazing black and white feather prints from Jayson Home.

Pumpkin Bread– This Williams Sonoma mix is a favorite, because we don’t all have time to bake form scratch and it makes the house smell awesome.

Champagne Coupes– I also bought these for the shoot and kept them. They are just TOO darling and elegant and I plan on drinking lots of champagne when this book is done.

Rustic Wood Napkin Rings– They offset pressed linen and delicate china in such a cool, autumnal way.

Boxwood Wreaths– Faux or real, I adore boxwood wreaths.

Banner Art– This cracked me up as PERFECT holiday family gathering decor. Let’s all let it go, and enjoy the season, right?

Pumpkin Masque– OBSESSED with this masque (the whole line really). It stings a little, but works wonders at brightening and exfoliating (and is ALL NATURAL). We all need to look our best for the holiday season!

Black Forest Candle– The stylist that helped us on the shoot brought this candle to the shoot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It’s like the most elegant, non-cloying holiday scent ever. Plus the black container is subtle, dramatic and chic.

Marble and Wood Cutting Board– Awesome if you crave Carrera counters but don’t have them.  And gorgeous even if you do! I love the juxtaposition of stone and wood. Fabulous to serve cheeses on too.








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