Fantabulous New Sites!


My amazingly talented, wordly “cousin-in-law” Courtney wrote me today with 2 great new sites for everyone to check out. On one I have found the pillows I know I was meant to have (above). I am feeling actual, physical PAIN that I cannot have these. Well, I can if I want to pay $150 for each plus shipping from Scotland. WHICH I MIGHT. Stupid dollar and it’s weakness!!! I love them beyond words. I also think I might have a slight mental instability when it comes to consumer goods seeing as I actually fall in LOVE with them. Should probably look into that.

Anywhoo, the pillows are from this smashing site Papa Stour. Check them out.

Also, Courtney’s delicious store, Circa Trade, is features on VintageModern– a 1st Dibs type of online shop for high end antiques. Drool worthy.

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