Fantastic Foyer


I have always loved this foyer re-do from Cottage Living (still harbor resentment that it is no longer). I think it’s an accessible, easy to understand re-do that came out a fabulous mix of unexpected and traditional. Let’s break it down…

Here is the foyer before:

Here it is after!

The trim, woodwork and door were all painted a glossy rich grey, which is totally surprising and makes quite the impact! Since this is a long, high ceiling entryway the wallpaper chosen is the perfect compliment- large scale brick pattern with a hint of metallic silver. I love it (and the zebra pillows- of course)

The sofa was re-upholstered in faux cream ostrich- kid friendly and not something that will get ruined when you throw a wet umbrella on it upon entering! Faux leathers have come a LONG way and I bet you’de never be able to tell the difference visually. And nailheads make everything better. It’s a fact.

Chrome hooks with name tags add spunk and storage.

Classic smoke bell lanterns, a silver mirror, ceramic gourd lamp and sisal runner complete the look.

No matter what the size of your entryway, consider it’s impact on visitors when entering your home- it intriduces people to your style and should be a space for you to have a little fun!

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