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As any of you who know me already know, I am obsessed with fashion. I love clothes and accessories almost as much as design. After all, interior design really is just dressing and accessorizing your house. I’ve struggled with the mentality of trying to keep this a strictly “home” blog, but find myself occasionally in the throes of fashion hysteria (i.e. right now) and am wondering what you all think about having a fashion digression from time to time if I find something blog-worthy? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts- in the meantime, here is what got me all hot and bothered.
I love accessible fashion for one reason only: trends come and go and something I am “obsessed” with now, will no doubt find it’s way into the give away pile in mere months, if not faster. I change my mind about everything more often than you could even fathom! I just logged onto Old Navy and just about had a heart attack. They have some KILLER stuff for early spring and a lot of it will be coming with me to Palm Springs! Ikat and ethnic prints, safari inspired gear, wedge sandals (love the wedge- always have always will!), Grecian sandals, dip dyed clutches and bags- even cool beach towels!! Good thing there is one 10 minutes from me! Adios!!

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