Fashion Flashback: Stubbs & Wootton


Stubbs & Wootton slippers are items straight of the Preppy Handbook.  I associate them with summers in Nantucket/Newport, gin & tonics and women names Muffy.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all that being a prepster at the core.  And so it’s to my delight that Stubbs slippers are ALL the rage right now!  After a summer of strappy stillettos and sky-high wedges, the thought of crisp fall days with cute skinny corduroy pants and the flat slip ons seems like heaven! I may ahve to add these to my London trip wishlist!

These are some current offerings I’m loving.  The velvet it my favorite by far.

You can even do bespoke monograms for a VERY pretty penny!

Our dear Olivia Palermo clearly has an affinity for these as she’s been spotted wearing a few versions multiple times. If Olivia deems them cool, then they must be cool.

Kanye is Stubbs & Wootton’s biggest fan. Hey, he can rock them!

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific (clearly my new girl crush) has a fab pair from Zara that she’s styles with an edgier outfit and a preppier one and they look so killer both ways.

J.Crew is hawking their own versions of the S&W slipper this season in TWO versions of leopard (I can;t tell you how thrilled I am the everyone joined me on the leopard train this season.)

I love the velvet crest pair…naturally, they are the most expensive.

ASOS combines both the leopard and the crest in one reasonably priced package!

I have to say I had a blast on the bespoke site creating shoes for my family. Silly, no one would wear them (the dudes, at least) but the patches you can choose form are HILARIOUS!

For Mom the super-gardner-topiaries. For Dad- Sailboats for his dream beach house.

For my brother Connor (the yogi) buddha and Mike golf stuff

And for Andrew, dolla, dolla bills y’all! (Sorry honey, they didn’t have an iPad or squash raquets) and for me(BEGRUDGINGLY) frogs. Yes, it’s my nickname. No, I’m not going to get into it and Mom, if you buy these for me I will yell at you (she buys me anything with a Frog on it now).

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