Fashion Friday: A Little Forgiveness


While I am almost 15 weeks along in my pregnancy, I have yet to develop a baby bump.  Instead I have what I like to call a “baby gut”.  I’ve only gained a couple pounds so far, but my body has changed already, my tummy is rounder and softer and my boobs are RIDICULOUS.  No seriously, I’m busting out of DD bras and have no idea what to do from here- am I going to have to have bigger ones made on Etsy? Crocheted maternity bras anyone?  Anyways, I’ve been able to still wear my regular jeans, but I am prefer to wear them with looser tops and alternatively, looser dresses.  And I have to be able to wear a bra or watch out.

But pregnant or not, who doesn’t like to wear more forgiving things, especially in spring and summer where loose and flowy is the name of the game? So I rounded up some of my current favorites that I’ve loved wearing for those who also have a little one growing or perhaps just have a Chipotle burrito baby bump to conceal. :)


1.  I bought this top in this stripe and in the pink and red small floral. It’s the perfect weight for spring, completely forgiving and totally cute with skinny jeans.

2. I have a version of this dress from last season and wear it all the time when it’s hot. I plan to get this new one too.

3. I love sleeveless tops that you can still wear a bra with and don’t cling to your midsection like this one from J.Crew.

4. For a night out, I am loving this blush tank with gold detail and a really cool back detail.  Great with white jeans and gold sandals! And bra friendly!

5. This black Emerson Fry top is also great for when you need to dress up but feel less than willing to wear something clingly. Modern and loose but structured, I pair mine with skinny denim or black pants and fun leopard heels or sandals.

6. I have worn this sheer Calypso cardigan thingy four times already since getting it a couple weeks ago! I love it paired with a navy tank (but be careful, if those tassels get wet they leave blue dye on your white jeans!)

7.  Stripes aren’t always your friend when there’s a little bump happening in the belly area, but when the cut is loose it’s still a favorite look of mine.

8. A friend of mine has this Michael Kors blouse in the navy version and it’s AWESOME.  I ordered the white version for summer. The sheer panels on the sleeve show some skin in a creative way.

9. Another perfect Madewell summer dress I picked up last weekend. Paired with a skinny tan leather belt and sandals I can see myself wearing this ALL summer (the elastic waist and full skirt is perfect for growing bumps).

10. I bought these Liz Lange Maternity tanks before I had even a HINT of a change to my body because they are so thick (not sheer at all) and so long! I love them, pregnant or not! Totally a secret source for those who like longer tanks for layering!

11. Busy prints help conceal areas you aren’t fond of, so this Anthro top is perfect for less than perfect abs.

12. Granted this top is trickier with a bra, but I looooove the cut and the reviews are great. Plus that color is perfect!

13. So this top is for both non-pregnant and pregnant ladies. It’s awesome as you can wrap the waist for as much or little concealment as possible. This picture shows it on a non-pregnant woman but Nordstrom (where I got it) shows it on someone with a belly.   Totally versatile and SO flattering on and in many colors.

14. I have a leopard print version of this Calypso dress and am obsessed. It’s short but loose and SO comfortable!

15. I bought this Banana Republic boyfriend dress shirt a few weeks ago and LOVE, LOVE it with skinny pants. If you are short this will be too long and big on you, but if you are taller it’s perfection.

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