Fashion Friday: A Weekend in Shoes


I have never been a shoe girl.  I think I could count the number of shoes I had on two hands for a while. Until now- HOT DAMN, when we moved I filled three huge boxes with them! All of the sudden I’m super into decorating my tootsies. When I went to LA last week I packed like 8 pairs ( a couple I never even wore but if I hadn;t I surely would have wished I had- you know how that goes, right?)   I’ve come to think about how our shoes kind of illustrate the kind of activities we like, hobbies we have, job we work and lives we lead.  So here is what a weekend of mine might look like… in shoes!

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8.

** If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you probably are sick of me posting the jeweled bow Tory flats, but I am having a serious freakin’ love affair with them. Like when I’m sad I put them on and am instantly happier. It’s sick and twisted, I know. But it’s true.

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