Fashion Friday: Bananas for Bonobos.


This Fashion Friday is for the boys in our lives. While out at the driving range yesterday hittin’ a bucket of balls with my little brother Connor, he told me about this company, Bonobos, that claims to make the best fitting pants for men available. Started by two Stanford Business School friends in search of khaki pants that didn’t give them “KDB” (khaki diaper butt-we’ve all seen men with those saggy assed khakis) they created their own fit and sold them to other friends. Well, those friends kept coming back for more and their friends did too, and a company was born!
They come in various fabrics, cuts and colors, all with fantastic, bold print linings to give each pair a real personality, not to mentions names like “Spider Fighters”, “Superfreakanomics” and “Party Starters”! And to add to the charm of this company they call their customer service people “ninjas” and also offer special discounts to those who have chosen to live a life of service, whether you are a firefighter, a teacher or a nurse. Now that is class. And just becasue I love you so dearly, enter the code “elementsofstyle” when you purchase and get 15% off your first order! :)

The classic khaki in the perfect “not too big, not too tight” cut!

No KDB anywhere here! :)

Serious on the outside, party on the inside!

I would think knowing you’ve got red zebra print in your pants would give you an extra boost in a sales meeting!

For the Preppy McPreps- some stripes and bold colors!

This corduroy pair will certainly get the party started with tequila bottle lining!

I also got a few good laughs reading their blog, especially this comparison between their company and my favorite, Lululemon.
Oh, and just in case you needed one more reason to try these pants out, how CUTE are these boys- sorry, ninjas?

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