Fashion Friday: Bling Bling


Nothing spices up a ho-hum outfit like jewelry. As a stylist, I always advise clients to invest in key, classic,quality pieces and get lost of jewelry to make it special. You can take jeans and a white tank and blazer from boring to bananas by adding a crazy statement necklace and cuff bracelet (but as a rule, never a statement necklace and any sort of large earring. No, no-too much.) While I simply ADORE Forever 21 and such places for dirt cheap bling, sometimes you want pieces on which the “gold” doesn’t rub off after four wears to reveal the cheap metal beneath it. I hate that. Cheap is only good when it looks quality.

Enter Ann Taylor’s spring jewelry line. Banana and J.Crew have it goin’ on already for sure, but I’ve seen their pieces on so many people it quickly becomes less special when three women in the room are wearing the sweet earrings you have on too. And for some reason, I don’t think people have completely come around yet to the amazing re-design at Ann Taylor. I think these simple but stunning, uber-chic pieces might pique your interest if the great new clothes haven’t.








I had fun putting together an outfit using a statement necklace reminiscent of one I saw on a girl in Paris. It’s amazing how crazy sexy a mens style dress shirt and baggy boyfriend jeans can look when paired with uber-feminine accessories like killer heels and pearls. This girl had it GOIN’ ON.

Included on this is a new perfume I smelled over the weekend at my best friend’s wedding (which is the main story in the Vows section of the NY Times this weekend-see it HERE!!! )  It’s by Lisa Hoffman Beauty and it’s a unique approach to personal fragrance.  She formulated a scent in four variations depending on the time of day you put it on-morning, daytime, evening and bedtime. I smelled the Madagascar Orchid and it is spectacularly sexy and elegant. I have to get me some.

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