Fashion Friday: Broke As A Joke Edition


Who isn’t feeling the pinch of this economic downturn we have going on? Even the most fancypants fashionistas among us are scaling back, which means us working girls have got to find cheaper ways to look fabulous. Good thing there are a plethora of discount retailers stepping up their game right now! Check out some of the things I found at stores you may have brushed off previously:
Ann Taylor Loft– what is going on here? It looks like J.Crew! I love the fresh spring styles they’ve come out with- slightly trendy, but not SO trendy that next spring you’ll be giving them away to the Salvation Army.

And how CUTE is this little ikat floral umbrella for warding off spring showers?

For the label whores among us, the new Matthew Williamson line for H&M is pretty baller. Bold, bright and quintessentially Matthew, these pieces are a bit pricier, but pack one hell of a punch!

JCPenney. Yup, you read that right. JCP has partnered with Nicole Miller, Allen Schwartz, Bisou Bisou and Charlotte Ronson to bring a breath of fresh air to their clothing selections…. loving the bohemian Nicole Miller stuff specifically!

Target’s been going strong with it’s designer lines- but these looks I found in their private label Go International brand…. pretty edgy for Target!

Now for Walmart. I can’t believe I would ever suggest Walmart for clothing, but Norma Kamali has done a line of basic, cool items for them that really look cute! For a real penny pincher check out the “all in one” top here that turns into 8 different looks!

I’d totally rock the sweatshirt dresss with a navya nd white nautical tank underneath ALL SUMMER. :)

Why not pick up one fo these $5 tie dye tanks while you are there to add some hippie cheer to your spring wardrobe? With a bunch of long necklaces and white jeans it would look fantastic!

Until the economy boucnes back (it has to, right?) we can all still have some fun with clothing!

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