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So we’ve all probably watched the Sex and the City 2 trailer like a zillion times (or maybe that’s just me? I can’t get enough of the Carrie-sees-Aidan sequence). I noticed a number of Halston Heritage pieces on SJP and found out she designed the line with Halston (and you thought I was the in the know! How did I miss this?)  I am loving this line not only for it’s classically wearable silhouettes and colors but also it’s price point! It’s so smart to feature a few things in the movie that some of us can actually get (although not “cheap”- $300 for a dress ain’t bad).


xkt2nzord9t29d2zPicture 12

(Fully obsessed with this orange number- if it’s long enough for us tall girls it might be mine at some point this summer)

62314_in_dlPicture 14

Picture 1362296_in_dl

Other pieces from the collection I love:



62313_in_dlPicture 11

Picture 9Picture 10


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