Fashion Friday: Closet Case


This is one of those “full disclosure” posts.  As I scour the city and internet for perfect fall clothing I came to this realization- before I buy one more thing I have GOT to clean my closet.

Not just editing out things I don’t wear or don’t fit, but also figure out a way to get it organized, because I will freely admit, when it comes to my closet, I am a slob of the first order. Just take a look at my closet in it’s natural state of disarray- this was shot at 6 a.m. this morning with zero tidying (obviously).


Way to be, Erin. I hope you weren’t eating because that picture might cause you to lose your lunch.

Granted I’ve been insanely busy and many days run in, change clothes and chucking things like an NFL quarterback onto that top shelf or the floor.  But I have plenty of space to make it work. I took over the master closet and banished Andrew to the guest room which isn’t as mean as it sounds because I think he’d rather get a root canal than share a closet with me. Not just because I have so much crap, but because HE is the neat freak in this relationship. His closet is perfectly organized, pants all in one area, shirts in another…everything folded neatly. It’s Baxter’s safe haven from thunderstorms probably because it’s so calming and hiding in my closet would probably scar him for life.  He’s tried before and steps one foot in and then looks at me like “Seriously lady? You are a hot mess.”

So, here are some images of amazing closets that make me want to get my act together.  Granted, I do not have a separate room to make into a dressing space, but a girl can dream and be inspired to reach for the stars! :)





But sometimes it’s nice to be inspired by more realistic images of closets, not those with flippin’ fireplaces in them. I loved seeing the awesome closet of blogger Kelly Framel a.k.a The Glamorai. Her amount of space is like mine, but she tricked it out to be so super duper organized yet cute! I feel a trip to The Container Store coming on….






P.S. Is she not fabulous??? Her closet not only inspires me, but her fantastically fun way of dressing does too!





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