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I really want to be one of those people who has adorable loungewear.  I dream of being like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday, wearing freshly pressed, crisp white pajama sets to bed.  But in reality, even if I buy pajamas like that, once I wash them without a doubt the pants will miss my ankles by about half a foot and the tops will have collars that more closely resemble well cooked bacon.  Because I just can’t iron PAJAMAS. I just can’t.  Never mind the fact that every time I buy cute pajama sets I end up feeling strangled by them halfway through the night or, in the case of one polyester faux silk leopard pair from Target, sweating like I just went into early menopause.

So instead I end up wearing some combination of old, stretchy cotton pajama pants, some sort of free promotional tee shirt and big sweatshirt. Most of which are splattered with coffee and/or wine stains (because some days you just have to get into your jammies before wine time, you know what I’m talking about).  I took a glance at myself the other day in a particularly spectacular combo of green palm leaf print pajama pants, dirty tee shirt and leopard hooded fuzzy robe and thought “Wow Erin, now that’s a LOOK AND A HALF”.  And I swore I’d try to find sleepwear that is super comfy, non-restrictive AND cute.

And if I can add in socially conscious wouldn’t that be great too?

I saw this brand, Sudara/ Punjammies, on someone’s Facebook page the other day and was first interested in the cute pajama pants- but then I found out that they are made by women in India trying to escape the sex- trafficking industry and I thought it was doubly excellent.  How wonderful to see a company trying to give women the skills and income to make a life in a safe and respectable way.  Read more about their efforts here.

And really, how cute or these? And they are priced so well at $44! You could wear them to the beach as a cover up too, or like this girl below, out running errands too!



Love the cut of this tank as well!


And yes, there are little girl versions to match Mommy!  Now that I think about it, how great would these be as a Mother’s Day gift?


Giving hope to those a world away and giving you some respectable, lovely jammies to snuggle in at the same time. Win/win.


Have a happy and healthy weekend everyone!


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