Fashion Friday: Elements of Style and the Mystery of the Perfect Brown Boots.


Sounds like an enticing Nancy Drew type mystery novel, doesn’t it?
Well, I was off babysitting for my niece and nephew (they aren’t technically, but I digress) and after getting their little restless bodies into bed and stories read I sat down to look at some catalogs sitting on the coffee table. I love going to other people’s homes and seeing what array of catalogs they get- I admit it, I love catalogs.
There was Peruvian Connection. I think this was the catalog my mom used to get when I was little that always put a tiny piece of woven alpaca wool in it to show you how soft it was. I thought it was truly the end all be all of cool things, as did my mom, who still to this day wants a pet Alpaca llama. Anyways, I couldn’t believe it was still around! Having learned that you can find amazing things in the strangest of retailers, I took a peek.

And there they were.

The PERFECT pair of high brown leather boots. I have been searching high and low for years on end for them, and there they were in the friggin’ Peruvian Connection.
Let me tell you what defines the perfect brown boots- for me, at least: a very tall and narrow calf (I won’t complain, I have long, skinny calves and most boots these days look like Wellies on me), a heel that is neither stiletto nor chunky, a medium brown leather that can look dressy or casual and a tiny bit of detail, but not so much that it’ll look trendy and a style that can be worn with a dress or over jeans.
In other words, these boots were made as if to my exact specifications
On every other page, a lithe model was sporting these beauties and I flipped frantically to find where they were listed.
No where.
I went on-line, sure that they would be there.
No where.
Can I call Peruvian Connection and ask them where the boots are from? Why would a clothing retailer feature such gorgeous boots over and over and not sell them? The mystery continues, but these bad boys will be on my feet by fall- mark my words.

Also, from the “Who Knew?” files- a couple cute things I found in the Peruvian Connection catalog!

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