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Last weekend I had the incredible experience of getting to share the same air as Gwyneth Paltrow at an event in Chicago. Let me tell you- from 50 feet away that woman is HEAVEN. I was joking to my friend on our way to the hotel that she’d probably have an actual halo…. well, she kind of did. But beyond her beauty is her style- after seeing her simple, sleek and chic look in person I totally made a new commitment to dressing more modern, simple but beautiful. In your 30’s it’s time to stop trying to dress sexy and cute and start trying to pick items that are made well, flatter and will last the test of time. And maybe are a little edgier! Still sexy, of course, but a less obvious kind of sexy and a little more interesting version of it. Another person who really personifies this look is Rose Huntington-Whiteley. Yes, her insane beauty and figure are a smidge depressing, but her style is so awesome!  She had this laid back, slightly bohemian look on her “days off” and then always looks classy but drop dead gorgeous when she’s on a red carpet.









Get the classic Rosie look with items like these- the key pieces being lots of variation of denim, leather pants, great jackets, form fitting sheath dresses, animal print (yay!), lots of black, white, grey, nude and metallics, statement bags and simple gowns with interesting detail. Oh, and a fedora. Clearly.


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