Fashion Friday: French Blend


Here in America I think we idolize the French for their style- there are so many books on how to get that perfectly disheveled, cool and luminous look that French women seem to have naturally. I do know two things though- 1) there ARE hot messes in France, not every girl looks perfect  2) it doesn’t come naturally, they work at it.   The commandments of French style and beauty seems to be to invest in the best basics and wear them often, spend time and money on your skin so you have to wear less makeup (I plan to embody this for 2014), don’t try to make everything perfect, leave a little bit off (slightly messy hair with a Chanel jacket or short, unpolished nails with a gorgeous silk blouse) and of course, when in doubt, simple is best.  I think attitude is important too in French style. In my jaunts to Paris I always am amazed at how much less STRESSED everyone seems. No one storms around with to go Starbucks cups, they sit and savor their coffees and espressos in cafes like civilized people! Stress makes us look haggard (remember Cameron Diaz’s rant in The Holiday?) and the French really seem to embrace a balance in life. Not in the “kumbaya” way but in the “I’ll have some wine and cheese and then walk two miles home through the city ” way.

So here’s some French style eye candy- fashion and a few interiors too- that make me absolutely swoon. Simplicity, lots of black, a mix of new and old and a heap of coolness and relaxed enjoyment.  I want THIS to be my look in 2014.













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