Fashion Friday: Get in A-Line



I saw this image the other day on Pinterest and thought 3 things:
1) This is the cutest, simplest spring outfit ever.
2) How does her tucked in chambray shirt not create any lumps or bumps at the top of her flowy skirt?

Having owned a skirt like this previously I am pretty sure the answer to numero dos is SPANX (which happens to be the answer to many of life’s questions).  Just tuck that shirt right into them and zip the skirt up over. Magic! What did we do before these amazing undergarments?  I remember once going to a wedding and forgetting mine and running around Philadelphia in a sheer PANIC attempting to find some.  All I could find were an “off brand” pair which were so uncomfortable I basically had to cut myself out of them in a ladies restroom and shoved them in the garbage.

That was WAY more than you needed to know. Sorry.

Back to this look. This is SUCH an easy outfit to switch up using different skirts- just check this little visual out to prove it!


shirt // spanx // leather skirt // yellow skirt // green skirt // nude skirt // wedges // necklace // sunglasses

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