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My pal Kyle Knight sent me a message yesterday saying that she had found me the perfect dress for my trip to St. Martin/St. Barts- and linked to this dress from designer Sheriden French.  I went to the site, fell madly in love with her stuff and then proceeded to her blog.  Holy crap. I mean this in this most flattering way possible, but she makes me want to fling myself in front of a city bus and yet be her BFF, share closets and lust after the Cartier Love bracelet together.  Super gorgeous (Jessica Biel meets Angelina Jolie much?), incredible dresser, a doting mom, nutrition ninja and model looking hubby who buys her designer shoes? I mean, really? REALLY? Serious girl crush, engage.

First- her goods. I NEED that first dress. And the second. And the third. Oh crap.

And here’s why I want to be Sheriden-Freakin’-French:

What WHAT with the blue blazer and matching blue Loubs? Killer. And the leather jacket over the ikat shift is so unexpected and yet totally works.

An adorable casual outfit, but those HUGE gem Miu Miu earrings are so funky. It reminds me that I need more statement, fun, not serious accessories. And I SO remember that pink and tan dress in J.Crew and thinking it was so rad but hard to wear- and yet she pulls it off amazingly (Angelina, right?)

The cuteness is palpable.

People should not be allowed to look this fierce while pregnant. And how about her Quadrille drapes? One of my fave fabrics ever- remember it from Eddie Ross’ amazing tablescape?

I also absolutely LOVE the part of her website where she shows how she wore and accessorized some of her pieces. Genius!

She really inspires me to be fearless with my dressing and to have way more fun with bold color, crazy accessories and fabrics. I’m sure you’ll agree!


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