Fashion Friday: I’ll Take a pair of cords …and a wedding gown.


Some women have the bride gene- others, like me, have a whole other set of chromosomes dedicated to all things bridal. I love weddings- LOVE (you probably know this by now). When I was looking for a dress I felt such immense pressure because this was my one wedding gown. This was it. Did I want to be a princess bride, sexy bride, simple bride, classic bride, hip bride, couture bride… I felt like the dress was going to represent who I was as a person on the biggest day of my life. Oy. I wish I had taken a more zen approach to the whole process and avoided all the tears that came along with it. Had J.Crew been maing wedding gowns then perhaps I could have just bypassed all the drama.
I saw this dress below left in the new catalog and shrieked! I love it- slight ruffles, sleek silhouette, waist detail…. *sigh* Below right is what i think I would wear now if I were to do it again (on a beach, barefoot)-hair in a low messy bun with one big white bloom tucked in- the cap sleeves charm me and it’s simple, yet there is a hint of sexiness in the drape. Oh, and did I mention both are under $800?

Some yummy J.Crew bridal accessories…those shoes? Yes, please.
I think the dress below left is stunning- the dip in the back and the beaded belt add just enough sophistication. My only issue is that it only comes in this deep dream color- call me close minded, but I prefer light cream (star white can be harsh on the skin). nad look at the cuteness of a poufy veil with a short dress? DARLING!

Who would not want their wedding aprty to look like these pictures? The below right picture is a fabulous way to dress bridesmaids- in varying shades of one color AND various silhouettes!

And for your enjoyment- more eye candy from the new J.Crew catalog- yummy.

Happy Friday!

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