Fashion Friday: J.Crew Hits It Outta the Park


I was on the Acela back from NYC yesterday when my friend and I began reviewing J.Crew’s fall merchandise. In 107 degree heat. Whatves, fall clothes are my favorite!!!! And J.Crew completely KILLED it with it’s bright bold colors and classic cuts. No more sequined harem pants for $600 of seasons recent, it looks like the old school J.Crew I fell in love with! Everyone rejoice!

I bought these two things IMMEDIATELY (and will probably wear together!)

The #1 reason this collections rocks- LEOPARD! EVERYWHERE!!!!! It’s as if they peeked inside my brain and were like “lets make Erin a shitload of leoapard stuff, she deserves it”. Yes, yes I do. So thanks. (And the haters can knock my leopard J.Crew sweater head shot all they want. I will always love this print. Meow.)

Even a leopard iPhone cover. Now I just need an iPhone (Blackberry addicts unite!)

My second favorite thing currently next to leopard, minty green accents! FAB!

How about these insane bright blazers in velvet and wool? Who doesn’t love a great blazer??

The best fitting tee I have tried on in years in the new Painters Tee…loving the second version here with the zipper neck accent!

Red pants. Hot pink pumps. Done and done, my friends.

Amazing bridal and bridesmaid silhouettes. I mean, seriously amazing.

AND the most comfy undies I have ever worn (I will never call them panties, I absolutely HATE that word).

Now, off to bear the blazing heat and dream of fall!

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