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If you missed seeing Jenna Lyons on Oprah it may have been a good thing because it sent me into convulsions of jealousy so intense I am surprised I didn’t break any bones. After my whole “don’t get jealous of others/ be yourself” declaration earlier this week, I understand I am contradicting myself.  But as I told a friend of mine yesterday, my life is a study in contradictions. Between her job, her home and her wardrobe I have made her my personal idol.  She was on Oprah talking about “dream jobs”. DUH.  You can watch this clip and I don’t think anyone wouldn’t find her job to be pretty damn dreamy.  I also found this video from Lucky Magazine in which Jenna gives some killer insight and advice into how she dresses, where she shops other than J.Crew and what she would do if she didn’t have her ridiculously awesome job (her answer solidifies the fact that  she and I are meant to be besties. Or she should hire me. One or the other.)

I also was alerted to a few pictures of Jenna’s wedding at Gedney Farm in the Berkshires.  Of course, it was effortlessly chic– a great mix of casual and formal and something easily replicated by J.Crew Weddings styles available now.




Picture 1Picture 3

Something I haven’t written about yet is the fact that I myself got to tour J.Crew headquarters in Manhattan a few months ago.  I had a meeting there and I was seriously more excited than on Christmas morning.  Obviously, being the huge J.Crew fan I am, I had high expectations.  As I waited in the lobby (with it’s hot pink/coral wall with the big J. Crew logo on it) I noticed that everyone coming into work there was super chic, funky, good looking and totally happy. Now, imagine how cool you think their offices are and multiply it by a thousand and you might get an idea of how AWESOME it actually is.  Walking through the photo studio as they were shooting the catalog, seeing the stylist putting together mannequin after mannequin of looks for a future seasons, touring the back room where they work on ideas for store displays and the large open office area where everyone was meeting about sketches and marketing ideas and listening to CEO Mickey Drexler ask over the loudspeaker if “charm bracelets were in”–all of it left me needing to pinch myself.  There is such lively, creative and beautiful energy in there that you can’t help but feel like you’d give everything up to be the girl who get’s Jenna coffee (I did not see her, BTW, I had my Jenna radar on high too…. drat)  I’m sure there are downsides to working there, but in my eyes, it seemed like Mecca!

As if that wasn’t enough to make you think J.Crew is a fabulous place to work, I went on the site and saw this diary of a stylist while on a shoot in the Turks & Caicos.   An adorable concept to have on the site and totally envy inducing stuff!

Picture 9

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And since we’re talking about it, here are a couple things in my online shopping cart right now…

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