Fashion Friday: Jewelry that Heals


I dropped the ball a bit on this one, but since it’s Fashion Friday I suppose today is the best day to post this anyways. This week has been Eating Disorder Awareness week and as some of you may know from my Huffington Post column(I didn’t pick the gimmicky title) I am a recovered anorexic, so this week does hold a bit of meaning for me. I’ve been recovered for many years, about 9 since my final relapse, but I am currently at the most healthy point in my mind/body relationship I’ve ever been since falling victim to this disease. I credit the confidence and joy I’ve gained from starting and running my own successful business and my new devotion to PranaVayu yoga for that. I feel more focused on strength than size, function than form. I’m more concerned about gaining enough strength to hold scorpion pose than I am about how my butt looks when doing so. I have never felt more at peace with my body than I do at this very moment in my life, so today I toast to that (and am trying to write a magazine piece about yoga and it’s role in healing eating disorders- you know in my “spare time”. LOL)
Another woman who has conquered this horrible illness is jewelry designer Elizabeth Showers. She’s used her immense skill as a designer to create a line called the Hope Star Collection (above) which benefits the Elisa Project and the National Eating Disorder Association. She also has taken to putting the hope star on many of her jaw-dropping couture pieces (below) as well. It’s heartwarming to see someone overcome such a vicious illness to reach such creative heights! Her work is insanely beautiful, so much so that I would consider knawing off am appendage for one of her gold, diamond and turquoise pieces…

I am kind of full-on obsessed with the right at right and below (in peridot and turquoise)- I absolutely love the shapes and textures and the message inside the ring which says “feel beautiful”- I certainly would wearing this!

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