Fashion Friday: Looking Good After A Long Week



It’s been a busy week.  Scratch that, a busy MONTH.  And I know many of you also have had busy weeks/ months/ years too.  And it’s hard to want to get dressed when you’re beat, which is why I’ve been all about uniforms lately (as you may have noticed).  Even when I feel crappy, I make a point to put in a little effort to get dressed as it makes me feel just a bit better and more energized (although right now I want to just put my face down on this keyboard and go to sleep). You won’t find me teetering around in my rockstuds and a neoprene party skirt, but I at least can pop on a fierce blazer, jeans and super snazzy flats (and my glasses to hide the bags) and go about my day feeling comfortable and somewhat put together.  Life is hard, but dressing well doesn’t have to be.


T-shirt- Tees in the Trap (LOVE THIS!) // Glasses- Warby Parker // Bracelet- J.Crew // Blazer- J.Crew (currently OBSESSED with this guy- amazing!!!) // Jeans- American Eagle (my not-so-secret source for great skinny denim on the cheap- $35 today!) // Scarf- J.Crew // Necklace- Ann Taylor (40% off today) // Earrings- Ann Taylor // Bag- Henri Bendel (amazing new collection of bags!) // Shoes- Boden (bling bling!!!)



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