Fashion Friday: Miss Preppy McPrep Gets An Update


Being a product of all an girls prep school in the North East I certainly had my moment with Lilly Pulitzer (double whammy- Lilly herself is an alum of my boarding school as well!) So when spring and summer hit, it was all pink and green, all the time. She practically invented pink and green as the fall back preppy girl colors. But Lilly has made a smart move in recently updating the “Lilly Look” with more modern lines, prints and patterns white respecting her fun, spunky roots.

I am loving the elephant details on these bags- particularly the envelope clutch with it bold lining and dustbag!

Lilly utilizes the influence of interior design, shown in her use of greek key trim on shirts, dresses and even needlepoint belts and doorknocker detail on these ADORABLE flats!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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