Fashion Friday: My Workouts & Fave Activewear


One of the benefits of our new house is enough space to have actual workout equipment in our house, and since COVID hit and we cancelled our gym membership, this has been HUGE for us, me specifically as working out really helps keep me sane. But I never LOVED going to the gym- and it always took so much time (getting there, changing, getting home- which left little time to actually work out) so our new situation works really well for me being a busy, working mom. And it’s helping me get back into relatively decent shape too.- better than pre-COVID dare I say! Here are the things we’ve gotten and are using:

Peloton– seems like everyone and their mom got one during quarantine and I wasn’t interested, and I hated Soul Cycle the two times I went. Well, I was wrong. It’s great. The classes are motivating and fun, and you can get a good sweat in 30 minutes. I have yet to do any of the other workouts as we JUST got it, but I hear they are awesome.

Treadmill– I asked for this for Christmas since the Peloton Tread is backordered for a while and it’s been great during these cold months.

Fight CampAndrew asked for this for Christmas and I didn’t think I’d like it as well, but I do. Especially on days I get really stressed or frustrated- pandemic mom rage is a THING, y’all. It’s a HARD workout.  You need a decent amount of space for this one though.

Melissa Wood Health– I’ve been doing her workouts most consistently- they are tough but not impossible to follow or complete. A great combo of barre, pilates and yoga. I highly recommend!

Sculpt Society– I just signed up for this trial and OMG my first workout I sweat buckets, It was SO hard. It’s quite fast paced so I think it takes practice, I felt uncoordinated, but it’s efficient.

Here is a round up of some of my fave workout gear– and some I just really like (I’m not crop top zone yet, so that cute ballet inspired outfit is NOT in my closet!) I’m all for simple items that fit great and don’t cause any worry about spillage/ exposure or rolling down/up- so there isn’t much “FASHION” about this but I hope it’s helpful.  Clink images for links!

And I find nothing more motivating than music, so here is my workout playlist- which is basically all 90’s- early 2000’s rap so fair warning- explicit lyrics ahead!!!

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