Fashion Friday (on Monday)-EcoFabulous


(all dresses by EcoSkin)

One of the best things about traveling to me is hitting Hudson News and buying absolutely obscene amounts of magazines with zero guilt. My last cross country flight I think I had eight different rags stacked in my hands upon boarding. So this weekend, with only a one hour flight I still managed to get four read. I saw a dress (above, green background) in InStyle that made me swoon, and even more swoon-worthy is the fact that it’s made of bamboo and Tencel and designed by a line called EcoSkin. When I think of eco-friendly clothing I think of sack-like garments made of itchy hemp. But this dress looked paparazzi ready, so I went in search of it. Of course, it’s sold out about everywhere I looked, except in black at BlondeLA. But there are so many great little dresses by them (see above) it’s hard to choose!
And while searching for the dress I found this site, Nimli, which has the most stylish selection of eco-chic clothing, jewelry and accessories I’ve seen to date! Here is a taste of the goods, but there were just so many things I liked (especially the jewelry) that I couldn’t possibly post them all.

Sandals made from recycled leather and fabrics

Great bracelets (loving the ombre silk!)

Gorgeous, glamorous earrings with opal.

Even something for Fido- a recycled wine box feeder!

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