Fashion Friday (On Monday): Yellowstone Fall Finds


Everyone freaked over this Pendelton cape on Beth, including me, and it’s by Lindsey Thornburg and a FORTUNE. 

OK so I’ve got COVID and finally have the energy to post and I feel like it just so happens that while I’m binge watching Yellowstone, fall fashion is hitting a major Western moment. So it actually kind of works in my favor to be behind on watching this show (something binge while recovering/fashion inspo). As a little girl, my most prized possession was a pair of white fringed cowboy boots. I took riding lessons, albeit they were English not Western style, but gosh darn it, did I not show up to the barn the first day in those shiny white yee-haw boots ready to go. :) Cut to me at 43, awaiting my new Tecovas to arrive and coveting some really solid western wear (and also maybe a trip out west someday soon). What goes around, comes around.

The keys to this look looking chic and not costume-y are floral dresses with boots, layers of shearling, faux fur, plaid shirts, denim (DUH) and southwestern influenced knits. BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE.  Secret source for a lot of great stuff in this vein: Sundance Catalog!  Click on images for links (except the turquoise earrings which are from my collection and can be found here) and have a good day everyone!


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