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I really never thought I would ever utter the following sentence: Victoria Beckham’s spring 2010 line is one of my favorites from Fashion Week so far. Yes, Posh Spice- she of the glossy pout, rail thin frame and trendy haircut has put out a classy, sleek, modern line that I would happily wear if asked. (Is anyone asking??)  I have always leaned towards classic clothing- great simple lines, solid colors (or all black) with a hint of sex appeal. As one of my friends said to me, “You don’t do ‘cute'”. And I don’t. I’m not one to don girly, frothy things, headbands with bows or a plethora of polka dots. It’s just not “me”- sometimes I want it to be me and I try but it always ends up looking like a costume. So I commend you, Mrs. David Beckham. Hot hubby, hot line- now please just eat a cheeseburger.







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