Fashion Friday : Product Placement


I had a client suggest that I do a post about my favorite beauty products- from hand wash to room fragrance. So here are some of my faves- and I hope all of you will comment with YOUR favorites as well! Share the wealth, people!

Concealer- If I could only bring one thing with me to an island it would be concealer. Nothing improves your overall look like some well placed concealer. I have two I use- a creamy full coverage one by Cle de Peau which is a splurge ($68 per tube) but it has lasted almost a year, covers like no one’s business and does NOT crease. EVER. 
On top of that I put my fave product of all time, Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent. A magic wand if I’ve ever seen one- and the copycats do NOT work the same- I’ve tried them. 
Foundation- Foundation is so tricky. I have yet to find the exact right one for me now that the sun damage from my teens has come to give me payback, so I stick with my tried and true Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for now. A bit of coverage, but not so much you look like you are wearing a mask. The new illuminating version is best left to those without anything to hide, it’s much sheerer than the original. 
Oh, and pick up her translucent loose powder to set. It’s the best.
Eyeshadows- Like purses, I could have 100 of them. My favorite brands for these are Stila
(colors to try: Kitten, Holly Golightly, Barefoot Contessa, Twig, Wheat, Diamond Lil) and Bobbi Brown (colors to try: Shimmer Wash in Stone, regular shadow in Bone- best base color available). Great colors and staying power. On my list to buy got this season though is the Dior palette in Irridecsent Leather. Yum.
Blush: Bobbi strikes again. All brunettes need to go pick up her blush in Tawny. FANTASTIC color. While your there get the Shimmer Brick compact as well- it can double as gorgeous eye shadow and gives a great not glittery glow! What brands and colors do you blondes and redheads like? (P.S. I am loving the new redesign of Bobbi’s packaging!)
Creams: I love trying new ones so I don’t think I give any of them enough chance to work before I diverge to a new one! A tried and true favorite though, are all things Philosophy- the simple packaging that looks good in the medicine cabinet, cheeky explanations and products that are straightforward and do what they say. For those damn sun spots I mentioned earlier, I’m using the Pigment of Your Imagination cream with SPF and liking it a lot so far.  For one stop shopping, pick up one of their kits– it’s all you need! 
For those in really chilly climates in which your face can get unbearably dry in the winter, I have to admit that Creme de la Mer is a lifesaver. My dad got my mom the huge Buick sized vat of it for X-mas one year and she used some and then decided it was too heavy for her and gave it to me (I know, v.v. lucky). It really is great during those blistering cold days!
Face Wash & Exfoliator: I can’t bear to buy pricey face wash. Money down the drain- literally.  My new favorite is Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash. The smell is divine. It actually entices me to wash my face before bed, even after half a bottle of wine. Also truly amazing is St. Ives Microdermabrasion scrub. Long gone are the days of that gritty, rip-your-face-off Apricot Scrub!
Hand Wash: I love the look of the Molten Brown hand wash and lotion combos. Classic, rich smells and good looks.   I also LOVE the looks of the Extra Pur Marseille washes with their graphic type packaging. For an equally stunning look for less, remember those Method hand washes I posted about a while back!
Body Wash:  Every time I smell the Lemon Sugar and Hesperides fragrances by Fresh I kind of want to try tasting them they smell that good. I am a total whole for citrus smells, so if you are too- give them a try. Pretty packaging doesn’t hurt either.
Shampoo and Conditioner: This is completely individual, depending on your hair type and needs.  Some good lines that work fantastic AND also look nice in the shower (because I care about that kind of thing, which is sad) are Molton Brown (my mom said they are amazing) and Frederic Fekkai (his Apple Cider shampoo and shea butter conditioner are miracle workers)

Room Fragrance/Candles: This is tough, because I love candles. Especially really, really expensive candles. The tried and true classics being Diptyque in Feuille de Lavande, Baies, Choisya and Figuier and the Tocca candles, which got me hooked on luxury candles. But there are so many I want to try, like these Nest ones (great packaging) and the super elegant Dayna Decker ones.
Phew. That took forever! I hope you guys enjoy my little guide and will add to it in comments!!

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