Fashion Friday: Seasonal Sparkle Four Ways


After buying my first pair of sequin pants (that I’m wearing to dinner tonight actually) I wanted to show you four grown up ways to wear sequins this holiday season (or really any damn time you please- just not during daylight hours, for the love of all things holy!) Click images for links!

Casual but Fancy: My favorite way to dress- jeans but paired with really glam shoes and accents. This sequined tee and BANANAS earrings are amazing. And the faux fur scarf. I want it all.

Sassy but Sweet: Pairing a slightly oversized sweater with a sequin mini and a headband in velvet is a mix of serious and fun, a little sweet, a little spunky.

Conservative but Fun: Maybe you aren’t feeling your most confident right now- doesn’t mean you can’t wear some sequins! These leggings paired with a relaxed fit tuxedo blouse is so cool, a little edgy but ladylike with the big ol’ splashy earrings and clutch.

Party Pants: And finally, some bananas navy sequin pants, paired with a sweater top and dramtic linear earrings. I love this as an alternative to a dress for a formal cocktail event!

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