Fashion Friday: Spring Blues


This post is going to start out with a soapbox-standing rant. The fact that it is snowing outside again and the weatherman tells me it’s going to be -2 and -4 this weekend and yet the racks at the stores are stacked with chiffon, shorts and bright spring florals MAKES ME MAD. I have never understood the huge gap between what the consumer needs in season and showcasing the upcoming season. It’s like torture. “Oh hello gorgeous little DVF mini dress- you are lovely but I need a sweater BECAUSE IT’S JANUARY!!!” Seriously, I need sweaters badly and yet all I find are sale rack pieces picked over by the Christmas crowds. Why can retailers not wait to put out the spring stuff on the east coast and mid-west in March, when there is HOPE that spring is somewhat around the corner?  Bitter much, Erin? Yes, quite.

I digress- and am going to go ahead and actually talk about spring denim. I am not one for super trendy cuts but after seeing this image from the Derek Lam collection I am so on board with the high-waisted denim thing. I want to look like this when the snow melts. I can see it with fabulous boho chic jewelry and even a great little cropped brown leather jacket over it (because lets face it, it’s doesn’t really warm up until June).

What’s so great about this trend for me is that while I am 5’9″, I have the longest torso ever. I should be in a circus.  So this cut lengthens legs and shortens said freak-show torso so I look proportionate! Magic. Of course this trend can look awful if done wrong (see Jessica Simpson and the Mom Jeans Incident). Here are some ladies makin’ it look good:

Just don’t go crazy with it like Kelis did. Those jeans will give me nightmares.

Here are some jeans to try (MiH, Current/Elliott, Gap)

Another trend I will continue to wear is the skinny denim trend (no longer a “trend” really)- whether tough-chick, French-inspired or New England preppy! I found these images on my new favorite street style blog Models Off Duty. So inspiring, yet also kind of depressing because well, it’s all models.

But one trend I refuse to hop on (even though Jenna is rockin’ it and showing it at J.Crew) is this denim on denim trend. Not a fan.  I love a great denim short, but better when paired with black leggings or white jeans! But dammmmmn Jenna, those heels are the hotness!

Have a magnificent weekend my dears!

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