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I need spring clothes like no ones BIZ-NESS. Ok, I also need winter clothes, but since stores are no longer selling them AND it is mysteriously 52 degrees in Boston in February, might as well move on into the next season, no?  As of late I have found shopping in stores to be such a drag.  It takes so much valuable time, and if the dressing room lighting/mirror/ sales people are anything but sublime, it can quickly turn from a fun afternoon into pure hell.  Which is why most of us are online shopping. Granted, you have to pay shopping (sometimes) and you don’t know what will fit, but if time is money and you trust your full length mirror, then this is the way to go!

Enter Beso.com, a new online shopping site that allows you to make wish lists by categories of your own creation from various sites or even put together an outfit for a big date that you can then send to your friends to comment on.  at the helm of this new venture is Elise Loehnen, former Lucky editor and fashionista.

I am super psyched to have them as an EOS sponsor. And so I made a little wish list for spring on the site (you can see the whole thing HERE– think yellow, coral, white, cashmere, Reed Krakoff and Halston Heritage).  And naturally Beso and I want to share the wealth, so if you log on, create a collection of your own and post a link to it as a comment below you can be entered to win a $150 gift certificate towards getting some of the things on your list courtesy of Beso!!! I can think of no better way to procrastinate at work on a Friday afternoon! :)

Open to US residents, 18 and older. Contest ends March 2, 2012. One entry per person.

Key Items for Spring:

* the white blazer

* maxi skirt

*nude leather hells or wedges

* tons of gold jewelry, the more layers, the better- neck, arm and finger parties!


* tan leather jackets

* white pants and jeans

* cozy lightweight cashmere for layering

*long flowy dresses


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