Fashion Friday: Summer Shoes To Hide Non (or Self) Pedicured Toes


I for one am super missing being able to get a quick pedicure right now.  Being 9 months pregnant made giving myself a pedicure last weekend a real challenge. And a couple of you mentioned the same issue, as well as wanting to find some summer shoes that can hide either un-manicured feet or poorly painted toes :) So I rounded up some great sneakers, espadrilles and sandals that help conceal your toes (a little or a lot).  My tips- when buying sandals looks for one with thicker toes straps that show only a few toes or ones with bows and embellishments that go over the toes a bit.  Classic white sneakers look great with shorts, dresses and jeans, as do espadrilles- and both really cover up your toes.

If you DO want to do your own toes, which most of us have caved and done,  I recommend a nude/ neutral polish so your toes look finished and clean but mistakes are not visible.  If you can, also look for a fast dry polish so you don’t have to sit around and wait for them to dry. I almost always have bright red polish on my toes inthe summer, so this is a bit strange for me, but I’m kind of liking the subtle/ sandy vibe.

Have a great long weekend everyone! Stay safe, stay home!

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