Fashion Friday: Summer Wish List


I am just slammed busy today with some exciting new clients and getting ready for a weekend away, so I apologize for my LAME Fashion Friday post. I just felt like posting some looks I am simply loving right now.

1)This whole outfit from the new Lucky– very stylishly laid back but professional. The high waist skirt mixed with billowy top- perfect and easy to wear after indulging in too many cocktails and hotdogs at Fenway.
2) This amazing long maxi dress from Foley+Corinna. I can not find maxi dresses that are long enough for my 5’9″ body, but this one actually is!
3)This gorgeous green mini dress, set off by a nice glowy (fake) tan from by francine.

4) This backless tunic dress by perennial favorite Milly ( I’d love to see her home, by the way).
5) Hippie luxe top by Susana Monaco.
6) Graphic short shorts from J.Crew.

7) and 8) Frilly goodness from Anthropologie.
9) My husband went bonkers for a model in a low cut one piece at The Parker(maybe it was more the model part than the one piece part…) I may take a crack at it (despite the crazy tan lines). This one by Vitamin A looks more glamorous and less cheesy.


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