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I was just discussing with my assistant yesterday how it’s been a really busy, really stressful summer. It didn;t even really feel like summer to me, and all of the sudden, it’s coming to an end. I not ONCE went to the beach. I barely took any time off and I spent most of it in a frantic state regarding work/ housing/money/marriage/family/etc.  So I, for one, am going to welcome fall with open arms. Not to mention it’s the best season for clothes.  I seriously love sweater weather. Not so cold that you have to wear a big jacket and gloves and all that, but when it’s crisp and lovely and you can stroll through the city with a cup of coffee and not sweat profusely. Perfect.

And for once, I will have a closet in which I will have some actual space to store sweaters.  While this room will eventually become our guest room, for the next year plus it will be our master and I plan to trick it out a smidge. I even picked up some leopard wallpaper the other day because how awesome would that be inside with a bright colored glossy ceiling? But first lets talk about sweaters themselves and some that are on my watch list for fall (even though I will be hella house poor and probably will be finding stylish ways to belt garbage bags on my body).

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Stripes! Are you shocked? No? And a sweet orange peplum, adorable over a pencil skirt.

This burgundy (oxblood, whathaveyou) number would be INSANITY over leather leggings!

A cardi with fur collar or a sleveless bright blue for a night out.

Love the edgy detail on this Zara number.

Ladylike (with destroyed denim and boots) or slouchy and bohemian with scarves and big earrings?

Duh. Leopard. Even cooler trimmed in red with brass buttons. And a long tribal cardigan, still cool after being so popular last winter.

A good basic big neck turtleneck and loving camel and orange together!

I also am super duper loving these sweater bins! In multiple colors they’ll keep piles of the woven wonders from toppling over!

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