Fashion Friday: Teen Sensations

You know you’ve gotten “old” when you walk by an Abercrombie & Fitch store and exclaim “it’s so damn LOUD in there!” I did this just recently and stopped in my tracks because that is exactly what my mom used to say when I’d drag her in there in college and think she was being “lame”.  But while on Polyvore making outfits the other day I saw a few things in a row that were really cute that, lo and behold, came from “teen” stores like Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister and Alloy.  So I thought I’d look into what was available for us grown up at these teeny bopper shops and was pleasantly surprised by the sweaters, accessories, dresses and even jeans! While the fabrics may not be of the highest quality on some items, the economy is still in the crapper so these affordable choices work just fine!
While you won’t find me going INTO an Abercombie (hey it IS loud in there and it smells like ex-boyfriends and regrets of my youth), I certainly may be placing some online orders. In fact, I may have found my perfect brown leather motorcycle jacket!
Abercrombie: loving the sweaters perfect for crisp fall weather and the silky cami’s that would look gorgeous layered under chunky knits! Not to mention the plaid shirt dresses and ikat scarf I MUST have.
Hollister: More great sweaters that would look delicious paired with dark super skinny jeans and boots.
I am so excited about these brown leather motorcycle jackets- the one on left is faux leather and really affordable and the one on right is real leather and $300 (am going to be trying the real one-it looks sublime!)
They called these denim style leggings “perfect butt” -love the little ankle zipper and might be curious to try them on. Who doesn’t want pants that give you the perfect butt?
American Eagle: More cute jackets, shoes and the perfect plaid shirts and tunics for fall. I am loving plaid right now for sure!
Alloy: Holy goldmine for trendy items you don;t want to spend a fortune on! These bohemian dresses would look amazing paired with tights, slouchy suede boots and cropped jackets or sweaters!
Adorable jackets for chilly weather!
Try the striped dress below with black tights, black booties and a cropped black leather jacket. Adorable and very French!
These two dresses are great for a night out on the town when you want something new but don’t have enough cash to spend a lot!
Absolutely DYING over the jewelry too- thebig brass cuff?? Hello luvah!
An affordable messenger bag and suede foldover boots that will go with everything this season!
I’m off to read Teen Beat and wallpaper my walls with Twilight posters now.
Happy weekend!!!

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