Fashion Friday: The Crew.

I just did a whole post and then my browser crashed and I lost it. So I am a bit PISSED OFF at my Mac right now. So here is my lame Fashion Friday post- I have so much to do before leaving for CT at noon to have dinner tonight at this amazingly cool place I will post about on Monday and then seeing Coldplay tomorrow night!!!!!!
So anyways, some things at J.Crew I am digging…. (cough…lame…cough)

This is the perfect gold watch. Perfect. When did J.Crew start selling vintage Rolex’s???? It’s $5,000, which is, um, a BIT out of my budget. :)

I saw this wedding dress in the catalog and thought “Oh my. I would wear this in a heartbeat if I did it all over again…” Yes mom, my lesson was learned not to buy a dress based on the designer….(Vera Wang, I’m going to get you some day for screwing me over!)

This would be a perfect bridesmaids dress. PERFECT. You could pop on a belt around the defined waist (animal print + orange= fabulousness) and go out for a nice dinner! (belts from eBay and Banana).

Oh, and another wedding idea- for those perhaps sauntering down the aisle of City Hall- this cute little dress is fantastic!

The bright enamel jewelry is always awesome- this cuff is so pretty and the frog ring I just had to put on here (if you know me, you know why- but no Andrew, I don’t want it for my birthday!)

The new “high Heel Flare” jean is actually awesome. They fit really well and with heels, they DO make your legs look longer!

Loving this bag. LOVING. And this top would look so chic with denim and some long gold necklaces.

I see a yellow cardi-jacket in my future…. (and am glad I bought jeans with holes in thems ince apparently they are back).

I have this blouse to the left and cannot for the life of me figure out how they tucked it in like this. It’s probably just the magic of stylists and big clips!
Argyle is back again? Somehow they make it look adorable, no?


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