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OK, so here it is. The moment everyone’s been waiting for. THE DRESS! I did not get up earlier than usual and when I turned on the TV Kate was seated. So online I went and my first thoughts were 1) Grace Kelly? 2) kind of disappointed.  I know Kate has to play it safe being a princess and all, but I was hoping for something unique and modern.  A “Kate Dress” not just a copy of another royal gown.  Don’t get me wrong, she is stunning, and perhaps it’s impossible to please after the weeks of intense hoopla.  The thing I think is the coolest- word is the girl did her OWN makeup (which looks amazing). Love that.  Way to keep it real, Kate!

From the back Kate’s dress and Grace’s dress look nearly identical!

How hot does Pippa look? I love this dress on her!!!

One thing is for sure, somewhere Alexander McQueen and Princess Diana are drinking champagne and toasting!


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