Fashion Friday: The French Factor


As I mentioned, a 2009 goal of mine is to embark on learning French and go to Paris. A subcategory of that goal is to dress more like a French woman. The French have such impeccable, yet laid back, “oh-I-just-threw-this-on” kind of style. I read somewhere that something French women don’t want you to know is hard they try to look so effortless. It made me feel a bit better because when I look “effortless” it usually mean yoga pants and a fleece.
My new guilty pleasure is Garance Dore’s site– now in English, but most of the archives are only in French. Pas de problème (thanks Google translator) I only look at the pictures anyways.
I love the experimental, natural and creative look all these women have… tres jealous.

Can we also please discuss the Frenchwoman’s makeup and skin (see below). How do they do it? It looks like they are wearing none, yet look perfectly flushed and gorgeous! Is the key smoking and red wine???

Some keys to dressing like a French woman in this great article and below, a short list from me!

* lots of black and grey- skinny jeans specifically. You don’t see much blue denim.
* close fitting leather jackets- biker style this season specifically.
* BOOTS- tall flat ones, short booties, tall with killer heels. Just bring on the boots.
* scarves- wrapped oh-so-skillfully!
* Less is more makeup- think lip and cheek stains, glossy lashes, sheer foundation.
* Perfectly cut blazer- in black, of course.
* Slouchier dresses with fantastic belts.

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